Responsive Newsletter Redesign

For the B2B digital publishing world, newsletters are still a large driver of traffic to a website. However, our expectations of what a newsletter design should be has changed. Text-based headlines and responsive design proved to be significant drivers of better metrics for the following newsletter redesign. This redesign used UTM codes to show that several of the following metrics improved over a 39 day period.

Old email sample

New email sample


Metrics Report Before & After

Pre design(39 days before 5/6) Post Design(39 days after 5/6) Change
Page Views 14,052 15,900 +1848
Unique Clicks 8,715 9,169 +454
Unsubscribe Avg 1.6 per email 1.2 per email -0.4
Open Rate 13.5% 14.5% +1%
Click to Open Ratio 11.5% 10.7% -0.8%**
Bounce Rate 80.8% 74.6% -6.2%
Average Session 40 Seconds 58 Seconds +18 seconds